Retaining Walls for Pools

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Retaining Walls for Pools

An important part of shaping your backyard is a retaining wall, particularly if your property is uneven or sloped. Depending on the height they can be costly, as they need to be engineered.
Pool Projects Using Walls
Regal Pools has built so many retaining walls as a part of building new pools– we run our steel work up out of the shell, to form a wall, which is then concreted along with the swimming pool. We’ve built walls ranging from 300mm high through to 2m high right on top of the pool wall, this then becomes the footing. A block retaining wall can be constructed on top of the pool wall as an alternative.

This will need to be decided upon before construction can start and also incorporated into the engineer’s design. A building permit will be required for all retaining walls.

Using walls elsewhere

Retaining walls are not limited to being built on top of the pool wall; they can also be built anywhere on your property where you may need to retain the earth. They can be:

  • Built out of block
  • Core filled
  • Rendered
  • Built on a footing
  • A sleeper wall
  • A rock wall

Retaining walls usually form the visual aspect of the landscape, they can remain as they are or made more formal by adding a nice finish and lighting. If your preference is to keep your wall hidden from view, simply add some greenery in front of it.