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On The Sunshine Coast


Regal Pools is a family-owned and run company, now here in Southeast Queensland. With over 20 years experience particularly in pool building, landscape and excavating Regal Pools bring both inspiring ideas and dedicated service to transform your property into your dream outdoor area. We specialize in both concrete as well as fiberglass pools servicing from Gympie, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane.


We guarantee to provide a personal service with a focus on listening to your needs and giving you an honest no extra fee upfront cost. We pride ourselves in our transparency also attention to detail to give you the best product possible.

How we build your regal pool

see the details of our 11 step process of building your a beautiful pool
Step 1 - Pool Mark Out
7 – 8am on site for pool mark out including seats and benches. You will need to be there for at least 30 minutes to approve and sign off on any changes required.
Step 2 - Pool Dig
Excavators will arrive between 7am – 8am to dig your pool, usually, this may take up to two days at our fixed price. In addition, please ensure your pets are somewhere safe at all times during this process.
Step 3 - Steel Works & Boxing
On day 2-3 steel fixers will arrive on site to place form work and steel and all plumbing and heating.
Step 4 - Pool Shell Concrete Spray
A concrete pump run a hose into the pool, also spray concrete on the walls and floors and then the shapers will finish the shell.
Step 5 - Filtration Equipment
Sand or Cartridge Filters, Pump, and Chlorinator are fitted after the concrete spray.
Step 6 - Pool Tilling
In the next 2 – 3 weeks curing time our tile company will make an appointment with you to go through the tile selection.


Please Note: Wash and seal the tiles when the tiler has finished.

Step 7 - Fencing
If you have your own fencing contractor, you will need to let our certifier know when fencing is complete. This must be completed before the pool is pebbled.
Step 8 - Interior Finishing
Time to choose your finish.

Pebblecrete is an attractive and durable cement render troweled onto the concrete shell.


Step 9 - Prep Shell For Pebble
Please make sure there is less than 300mm of water in the pool at all times.

The shell will be scraped, cleaned and all penetrations will be sealed.

Step 10 - Pebble Spray
Pebblecrete is applied by hose then finished by trowel.

One of the team will return the same or next day to acid wash, fit the lights and pipe covers also place the hose in the pool for filling. In addition, if on tank water you will be responsible for organizing water and payment for filling.

Step 11 - Pool Hand Over & Chemicals
Finally, once the pool is full. Please call our office to arrange a suitable time for one of our team members to get your Crystal Pool ready for all to enjoy. In addition, this will involve getting the pool set with chemicals also teaching you how to maintain and use your equipment.